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InVerso Troupe Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Árboles' by these artists:

Alux Nahual El ángel de la clorofila, Cabalgó estos montes, Y dejó su ve…
Cultura Profética Estos arboles Que no se llenan los bolsillos de aguaceros Qu…
Helado Negro mirando allá cogiendo mis árboles que crecen atrás de ti.…
Roy Brown Esos árboles que no se llenan los bolsillos de aguaceros, qu…

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Big McLargeHuge

My beloved friends , a poem by Shadowhand Essek Theyliss:

"There would be nothing

I would love more

than to not be around any of you


Coming straight from the chaos in virtually every Cobalt Soul library to this episode, my sides are absolutely wrecked.

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M9 in the dynesty: gets stable employment and a house
M9 in the empire: gets banned in every library in the big cities, also flips off guards...

Feral Queerdo

@Jesse Migchelbrink-Ota lmao sure

Jesse Migchelbrink-Ota

@Sam Reid I honestly think pretending that any timeline or character development related to Beauregard at this point is beyond defensible unfortunately

She is a hot mess of inept play the entire campaign so far— I have no idea where Laudna came from but by god what a relief

Don B

@Sam Reid im not saying i dont understand them all having issues with the empire especially beau and caleb they just really view shit totally one sided which is hilarious when the emperor is reasonable and xhorhas queen isnt about peace talks and matt is very clearly trying to say bad shit happens when you dehumanize the other side in war

Sam Reid

@Don B I mean spoilers for coming episodes but Beau is the victim of blatant corruption from a high ranking official within an imperial organization. Her whole life is defined by it so it is understandable that she doesn’t especially care for the place that not only allowed this corruption to happen but rewarded the official for doing it.

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Sachin Tommy

Caleb: we only have 80 years!
Nott: I only have 30!
Spurt: 11 days


@Elven Dreamer I imagine 100 years for someone that lives 1800 would be the same as 1 year in the eyes of one who live 18

Tommy Tigert

@Girish Manjunath not to be pedantic but I don't think maturing at the same rate i.e. a 20yo elf is as competent as a 20yo human sure, but 1 year is to an 100yo man what 180 years is to an 1800yo elf. Therefore a single year becomes something closer to our concept of a week or a couple days even depending on your relative age.

Dan DeW

Anyone else read that "11 days" in the voice of Spurt?

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Goblin in the bone pit *11 seconds*

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