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InVerso Troupe Lyrics

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Hei Man Lee

If Kazunori Yamauchi is reading this, here's my wish list for the racing game known as Gran Turismo:

1. Bring back the race cars which were once existed in Racing Modification from in GT1 and GT2 (Super Taikyu and other domestic race cars), pre-GT4 "LM Edition" which are gone like forever.
2. Special color chips from colors of GT1 and GT3 prize cars. (Stupid, yet not every unique colors are back in GT5 and GT6, right?)
3. More race circuits like Barcelona, Shanghai, Magny-Cours...etc, and bring back disappeared courses such as Red Rock Valley (GT2), Route 11 (GT1, GT3), Hong Kong Tsim Shi Tsui (GT4) and more.
4. My preferred course diversions:
Real Circuits
Original Courses
Dirt & Snow
Actual location Courses (Replaces City Courses)

Any more ideas? I'll count this one as the stepping stone if okay...

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This is why i love gran turismo, its not just a car game its a digital culture and experience.


I adore this game. The best part about it is that it's so flawless, that I find myself forming strong opinions on the cars in game based on how they feel without even thinking about it. There are some cars that I love the driving characteristics of and I can drive them for hours, but then I find myself realising how much detail there is in the physics engine. I don't find myself making excuses like "it's ok, it's only a game" when something gets awkward because that never happens. It continuously conveys the pleasures of real world driving without reminding you that you're in a game and that's very special. As far as I'm concerned, the competitors should feel like giving up when going against such a game, it's brilliant in both quantity and detail. Hats off.


@Tyler Green Long story. To cut it short, I was taking a tour of the Ferrari factory when I met the boss, Luco di Montezemolo. Turns out he's a really nice guy so for no particular reason other than I was just a young car enthusiast, he let me drive an FF on the test track. I was 15. I can't tell you what a privilege that was, but like I said, it was my experience in Gran Turismo that gave me the confidence and the focus to drive it fast. I don't think they expected me to floor it to 130mph straight out of the pits...


@Alfred Munkenbeck How did you get to drive a Ferrari? 


@***** Honestly, you'd be surprised then when you first drive a car just how much Gran Turismo has taught you over the years. When I drove a Ferrari for the first time, I felt very nervous before getting in, but as soon as I started the engine, it felt immediately familiar, like I'd done it a thousand times. I was on a racetrack so I could really drive it fast, and even at the limit I felt extremely confident that I was in control. I would have driven it like an old lady had I not practiced on Gran Turismo 5. Honestly, people who don't play these games talk shit about how it can't possibly be the same, but 95% of the Experience for me was flawless. One day, you should do the same, you'll realise just how much you already know about driving fast cars before having even driven one.


This should be shown in movie theatres.


이런 1시간 넘는 다큐를 꽁짜로, 그것도 자막을 붙여준다니 사랑합니다


Impressive! I can feel the full passion in detail in the GT project. Gj! KAZ!

Никита Ларин

Душевный ролик с глубоким смыслом, спасибо что есть такие люди как Кадзунори, превратив мечту в реальность


I loved the movie, thank you Kaz!!

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