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I Say No
In Harmony's Way Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'I Say No' by these artists:

Anna Ternheim Lately you've been bothered by your friends We will disturb …
Carrie Hope Fletcher You are a drug You are a poison pill I've got to…
Fuel Fandango And I feel the pain around my neck And I…
R.k. Shuquem And I say Don't go away You want me You need me and I…

We have lyrics for these tracks by In Harmony's Way:

Roll the Old Chariot Along We'll Roll the Old Chariot Along We'll Roll the Old Chariot…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Twytchy Paskovich

Mostly for my own sake:
0:00 The Beginning
0:18 Broken Rubber
0:35 Credit Card Debt
0:53 Home Bowl
2:08 Butter on a Pop Tart
3:08 Everyone from Florida is Stupid
3:24 Brush Your Teeth at Work
3:40 Get Out of the Left Lane
3:52 Train on the Water
4:25 Kill My Family
4:50 Parents are Gross
5:40 Home Bowl Part II

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Guys, I have been well aware for years now of the "rome" issue.

Squashed Opossum

@The Finanic - of many fandoms,AU'S&ships I’m not one of the people saying things but I believe, “Rubber,” was also spelled wrong.


@Big Daddy Karl I'm not just hate the trolls that pick on somebody when they put a video out to just educate people they Make one little mistake and the trolling starts... Smh...

Big Daddy Karl

@ANONYMOUS ITANIMULLI Why are you shouting, friend ?

لمسات للتجميل

@big loser guy شبكة ت .بس


It's roam

67 More Replies...


I'd pay for a full album with songs like this.

Dawn M. Taylor

Me too LOL


@Jediknight 129 absolutely very much in that vein

Jediknight 129

Mitch Benn, not the 9 o clock news and a few others fit the bill for this sort of niche comedy.

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