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Hello my baby
In Harmony Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Hello my baby' by these artists:

Bing Crosby And Judy Garland I've got a little baby, but she's out of sight,…
Ivor Biggun Hello My Baby Hello Hello my baby, hello my honey Hello my …
Ladysmith Black Mambazo Hey baby Hey beautiful girl Hey baby hey Sing hey baby hey …
Ladysmith Black Mambazo/Paul Simon Hey baby Hey beautiful girl Hey baby hey Sing hey baby he…
Phish Tell me that I'm your own, my baby Hello my baby,…
The Barbershop Singers hello my baby hello my honey hello my ragtime gal send me a…
Toni Carroll I love my baby, my baby loves me Don't know nobody…

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Comments from YouTube:

Themachine 26

“Gee, we can’t rap! If only there was someone who could!”
Whitest man on earth appears from the shadows

the cool doge


al west

Wasn’t well hidden in them shadows tbh

joe bro

@Matt Kostbade correct, very much can’t type XD no raping was done

Matt Kostbade

@joe bro I sincerely hope you meant the "rapping" duke

joe bro

@Nautiluss you clearly have not heard OG rap look up people like “the raping duke” or “jimmy and the critters” this is exactly what it was like, more so talking with rhythmic pauses then actually “rapping” like it’s known today

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Josh Kutz

That moment when you randomly discover a secret society you never knew existed and there are several inside jokes that you definitely don't understand, buy you're all here for it 😂


@Shusty Rackleford This man is just a comedic genius.


@Brian Tomek Honestly, replace barbershop with sea shanties and you have my dream to do with, athem the boys


@Shusty Rackleford that moment when you have a inferiority complex that you cant come to terms and try to deal with by ruining other peoples fun and using big words to make yourself seem more interesting then you truly are

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