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I'm a Bird
In Harmony Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'I'm a Bird' by these artists:

Liza Anne I'm a bird High in the sky Without a care to pass…
Marco Z I've been living by the corner of the street for…

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Fan 2 Fics

For full harmony:

0:58 - All time Low
1:17 - Can’t help falling in love
2:30 - In the Ghetto
2:42 - Bella Ciao
4:22 - Producer man
4:44 - White winter hymnal
6:07 - The City
6:22 - Hide and Seek
7:12 - Bottoms up
7:28 - full harmonies with names

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Sean Terri

i like this side of tiktok

sonya horbelt

I love harmony and choruses

Julianne Robinson

Me tooooooo

Sara Forcier

Same it the best one


@Konnie Kon the lgbt+ side is kinda good tho but sometimes it's hella negative and that's the downside, i delete Tik tok cause of that negative stuff, there's a lot of peps talking about transphobic i mena it ain't a bad thing but damn it's so negative

Spooky the Espeon

Well I mean who doesn't? am I right lads or am I right lads?

89 More Replies...


the only unproblematic community on tiktok

•Skeebsy Zeebzy•

@Miss Swiss it’s extremely toxic too but yeah this is the only unproblematic part

Lisa the kitty

And pets.
And lgbt's.
And cosplayers.
And arts.
And... Anything that isn't what people view Tik Tok and think it's only about dumb people doing dumb things...

Phoenix Hell

Cottage core is way better than this lmao

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