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In Harmony
In Harmony Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'In Harmony' by these artists:

Ásgeir I am a soul I float amongst the fjords and I am…
Disney What makes someone special? I suppose it all depends It'…
G-ANX I watched some children play one day For them reality seemed…
Hawser They say every dog will have it's day one day Well…
Jodi Benson What makes someone special? I suppose it all depends It'…
Nostradameus In rooms we cannot see They hide from our eyes Decide how…

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Comments from YouTube:


It's beautiful. I'm definitely adding this to my list of projects. This is easily one of my favorites.

Gould Ridgreaves

Hasbro needs to create a movie just for these sisters. And have Harmony Ascendant, The Moon Rises and Lullaby for a Princess in the soundtrack.
It would be beautiful.


I heard the original plot for the movie was gonna have an alicorn as the main antagonist, but they changed it halfway through.


10/10 would pirate again


So now that we have gorgeous animations for both The Moon Rises and Lullaby for a Princess, anyone out there want to finish the trilogy and animate this already? PLEASE

Melody Snowflake VA

If I could I would but I can't

Inquiry Tales

Morgan Animations Please do. Best of luck with the tablet

Morgan Animations

Once I get an actual drawing tablet, I plan on animating all three of them together, as the three songs tell a story. I left a comment on this video, describing how I picture all the songs.

Inquiry Tales

cellochicita I need it so bad!!


So the story unfolds in the order of:
Harmony Ascendant
The Moon Rises
Lullaby For a Princess

I listened to them in this order and have bawled my eyes out. please PLEASE tell me there's a song celebrating Luna's return to give this a happy ending.

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