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In Harmony Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Searchin' by these artists:

5 Elementz I used to wonder where you're from Cause every time I…
Adrian Marcel Why you're wasting your time? You know it's true If you open…
Amel Larrieux Once I was happy Once I was alive The spirit of my…
Cheech Chong Gonna find her, gonna find her Well searching, yeah I'm gon…
Coasters (Gonna find her) (Gonna find her) (Gonna find her) (Gonna fi…
Eminem Ain't no one special, special like you (4X) I been searchin…
Eminem feat. Denaun Porter Ain't no one special, special like you Ain't no one special…
Eminem feat. Mr. Porter Ain't no one special, special like you (4X) I been searchin…
Green River Give, give, give it to me now Oh, I've been searchin',…
Hazell Searchin' and seekin' Never sleepin' I've got to find me a…
Lynyrd Skynyrd I asked the wise man one sunny day Can you help…
M.E.D. & J.Rocc Yo baby Put your seat belt on I got my paperwork, don't…
Matisyahu In the Earth, there are so many wonderful treasures And if…
Monica When I hear the children of today They're questioning me the…
Santana Searchin', I'm always searchin' Searchin' for my beloved I…
Search Boys Gonna find her, gonna find her Well searching, yeah I'm g…
Sylvia Striplin Searching searching Searching searching Searching searchin…
The Beatles Gonna find her, gonna find her Well searching Yeah I'm gon…
The Coasters (Gonna find her) (Gonna find her) (Gonna find her) (Gonna fi…
The Marshall Tucker Band I rode into town today... in my mind, I said…
Titanic Searchin´ (Titanic) Every little something in this world ca…
Vonda Shepard I've been down this road walkin' the line That's painted…
Wanda Jackson (Gonna find him gonna find him gonna find him gonna…

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hayward barrows

Me: No
Me: Simple, you've got ironic music tastes. The songs during the investigation give me hope
10 minutes later
Junko: You're the new mastermind
Tsumugi: OK
Junko: You need a despair inducing plan
Tsumugi: How about I be completely deceptive when I get found out and give your puppets an existential crisis
Junko:...Sure, fine. I need the break after carrying your franchise for 53 years.

A Hollow Shell Of Something That Doesn't Exist

Himiko: killed
Maki: killer

Kirumi: killed
Kaito: killer

K1-B0: killed
Tsumugi: killed
Ryoma and Korekiyo killers
But Ryoma killed after kiyo so Ryoma lives

Ryoma: killed
Tenko: killer

Miu: killed
Kokichi: killer

Boom finished

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Me trying to uncover Obama's last name:

Fire PeaShooter

Barack Hussein Obama
Edit: maybe not

Yuki 0_0

Its Barack Obama or Barrack Obama 🙀🙀


lmao but then you realize Obama IS his last name

Marvelous Meh

Republican problems.

Engelok ッ

@Jigglypuff r/wooosh

25 More Replies...

All Powerful God Enel

Someone gets murdered
Ok bring out the radio.



Badass Toad

All Powerful God Enel
*A really tricky and insane murder case shows up.*

Welp... Guess we’re gonna have to play rock now!

Lewd CuzNewd


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