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Gilberto Torrezan Filho

The JsInterop looks pretty better than today's JSNI, but... the developer still need to create Java wrappers for any JS that he would use. And as it seems, the developer would spend a lot of time deciding how to map the JS types to Java. Not to mention that he would need to review all the Java wrapper code when a new version of the JS lib is released. My question is: is there a way to auto generate the Java bindings (or at least some stubs that can be used as a base implementation) for a given JS file?

Drew Spencer

+Gilberto Torrezan Filho I agree with a lot of what you are saying here. I know there is this api generator from Vaadin: but it's only for Polymer components. I think the idea of having them auto generated is surely the future though... I wonder if there are such tools in the pipeline or whether Vaadin may extend their api generator to work with any JS? Imagine being able to drop in any JS library and your IDE/GWT Plugin automatically converts JS to Java on the fly, even with autocomplete :O

Still - I believe JsInterop is going to make it trivial for groups of people to start creating wrappers for JS libraries - just open-source projects with users adding functions and classes as they need them. I don't see any need for every developer to have their own JsInterop code for JQuery. Why reinvent the wheel?

Pavel Kopachevsky

The video overlaps listings!!!!

Pavel Kopachevsky

+GWT con Thanks

GWT con

+Pavel Kopachevsky You can find the slides here:

I hope it helps!

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