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by In Isolation

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Berlin Berlin’s on fire tonight, we’ll burn too These unfamiliar sk…

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Having a pet can’t replace human interaction but I’ve noticed having a pet really does help you feel less lonely.

eon star

@Stephanie-louise Dalton probably depends on the animal. If the animal can make connections to you (not necessarily you make connections to it, that's not as relevant here) it should be fine.

Stephanie-louise Dalton

Which begs the question - is it fair to keep an animal without a same-species partner?

Victoria Lee Florence

Bastian Förstl that’s an interesting thought, but I don’t think I could feel okay caging a lil bug till they die for my comfort, especially since I don’t know their needs. Also, I don’t want to doom another being to isolation from the world they know just to make myself slightly more comfortable. I’ll just keep talkin to and lovin on my plant friends!

kpop yay

I'm homeschooled and I've adapted to my cats behavior.

Bastian Förstl

@Victoria Lee Florence have you thought about keeping insects as pets ? they might not replace human interaction, but grasshoppers are easy enough to find and keep even temporarily ^^ and they make good roommates

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Those graphics, that editing, SABRINA!!!! Amazing, thorough, and thoughtful. Thank you


That's probably why it took months to make


hawkin939 my thoughts exactly 🙌🙌🙌

Ella Kang

As an introvert with a lot of social anxiety, I distinctly remember wishing several months ago that I would get an excuse to just drop everything for a little bit and isolate myself, and boyyyyy am I ruing that right now. While I don’t really believe in the need to find a silver lining in something as bleak as the current state of the world right now, I have to admit that it’s been an opportunity to reshape my perspective on mental health and social connection.

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