Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, Born: We need your help!

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by Incoming Cerebral Overdrive

Obsessive light,
Hands hold me, strong and safe but very delicate,
Will they help me to understand all this and make it less hostile
For these shapes, assumed and incorporated...
Curious eyes and smiling mouths confess that someone
Took me here and waited for me..
Why do I scream and cry and I wouldn't be here?
I don't know where I was, what I was and what I am..
But I know that I don't like the here and I would prefer everything better than this..
Obligated and confined in an enigmatic reality,
Everything is unknown and distressing..
I'm trembling, I'm afraid and cold..
..and around me, while they are staring at me,
Everyone laughs and is happy

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