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I still can't get over how good this song is

Sally CD

An absolute stunning piece! Unique in it's own way and so creative it still has me falling for it as if i were listening for the first time!

Dustin Lemon

infected mush is the most emotion charged music ive ever heard. i meen wow just wow.


Love how each sound and melody first comes to introduce itself and then gets in the magic potion, this one, then the next one and the next to the last. That's Infected Mushroom's tradition.

Fry Hyte

best description. you got an inspiring imagination :)

Main Maximum

3:04 to 3:34 is just about the best thing ever

Infected Adv0cat3

i might do animation meme of this part.

Vicious Delicious

Whenever i listen to this part i imagine that it says "slowly", it fits perfectly


The build up to THIS: is what cracked me inside:D made me forever an infected mushroom, dipped in honey, and floating there to always be spoiled by this magnificent symphony. A symphony of ages. So many musical centuries compiled in this musical literature.


it started at 2:30 :D suck it

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