Be Mine
Infinite Lyrics

지켜봐 왔잖아 니 사랑을 긴 이별을
늘 상처받을 바엔 난 게 나아
똑바로 봐 우는게 싫어서 그래
아픈게 힘들어 그래
그런 널 볼 때마다 (three, two, one)

내꺼하자 내가 널 사랑해 어?
내가 널 걱정해 어?
내가 널 끝까지 책임질게
내꺼하자 니가 날 알잖아 어?
니가 날 봤잖아 어?
내가 널 끝까지 지켜줄게

Do you hear me
Do you hear me oh

젖은 기억 박힌 눈길 끝 내
품에서 죽길 바래
잘린 마음이 흘린 눈물 삼키는 건
나지막이 들린 너라도 감추는 나

넘친다 생각해 넌 나에게 늘 그랬어
니 상처가 늘수록 커지는 맘
내게로 와 웃는게 좋아서 그래
편하게 해주려 그래
적어도 나만은 널 (three, two, one)

내꺼하자 내가 널 사랑해 어?
내가 널 걱정해 어?
내가 널 끝까지 책임질게

(Three, two, one)

같이 가자 힘든길 걷지마 어?
쉽지 않았잖아 어?
다시는 그런 널 보기 싫어 (oh oh)

내꺼하자 내가 널 사랑해 어?
내가 널 걱정해 어?
내가 널 끝까지 책임질게

다투진 않을까 상처 또 안을까
끊임 없는 아픈 고리에
항상 소리 없는 전쟁 넌 무리해
걱정의 방패로 난 니 앞에
나는 달 처럼 니 주윌 돌고 돌아
불이 커져 버린 니 사랑은 놓고 날 봐
깊이 패여 버린 상처 덮어줄게 웃게할게
내걸로 만들게

Written by: Jae Ho Han, Seung Soo Kim, Soo Yoon Song

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Begin Again

"Infinite who?"
okay. here
"INFINITE was the first 2nd generation Kpop group to have been personally invited by Billboard to perform and interviewed at NYC Billboard studio. #INFINITE
INFINITE performed Be Mine LIVE at NYC Billboard studio. 👑👑
INFINITE's "The Chaser" was chosen by Billboard as the "Best Kpop Song of 2012" surpassing PSY, G-Dragon, Big Bang and 2NE1 that time.
INFINITE performed The Chaser at NYC Billboard studio LIVE
INFINITE is included in the only 3 Kpop boy groups who had a CERTIFIED ALL KILL in iChart. Along with BIG BANG and iKON. #INFINITE
INFINITE was the first Korean Act to Top Twitter Emerging Artist. Last Romeo has a big accomplishment in surpassing SNSD's "Mr. Mr."
INFINITE is almost a 7 y/o group but still they had this strong & powerful bond and friendship. They are even called as the "next SHINHWA".
INFINITE was 2 times been invited by Tom Cruise to perform in his movies' red carpet premiers. From Mission Impossible to Jack Reacher.
INFINITE is known by everyone for having the 99.99% synchronization, knife and sharp like choreographies. It is an achievement as well 😉
Hoya was been recognized by Lukas Graham for his great performance of 7 years and by Far East Mov't when he danced to "Bang it to the Curb".
Dongwoo was been recognized by Tje Austin because of his smooth performance of "Right for You". 👏
INFINITE is one of the most awarded kpop boy group having more than 50 trophies in music shows and other award giving bodies. #INFINITE
INFINITE was recognized as one of those groups who are masters of acapella. Stan talents everyone! #INFINITE
Woohyun was currently the idol who has the highest score in Immortal Song. This is considered as an achievement.
INFINITE had sold over 160,000 copies of their mini album "New Challenge" that made them the 4th biggest selling album of the year! (2013)
INFINITE is considered as one of the Top 20 Most Successful and Best Selling Kpop Groups Ever. #INFINITE
Myungsoo is considered as one of the "Visual King/God of Kpop". He was even named as "Shinmolnam" meaning " a man whom God gave everything"
INFINITE is considered as "Korea's Representative Idol Group" and "National Representative of Hallyu Wave". KINGFINITE!! #INFINITE
INFINITE is recognized by Billboard as the one of the 10 essential Kpop Boy Bands. #INFINITE
INFINITE represents Kpop in Special Government Broadcast. They was been invited by Korea's President to represent Kpop in Mexico. #INFINITE
Woohyun was been recognized as one of those Kpop Idols who made the most money as a composer. He ranked 7th by the way. #INFINITE
Hoya actually made the "highly praised" choreography "Scorpion Dance". It is said to be a legendary choreo by the one and only INFINITE.
INFINITE albums is known for its great intros. It is always amazing making you wanted it to be a full track as well.
INFINITE is known for their live stages. They were also praised as "cd swallowers" and called as one of "worst kpop groups in lip syncing".
INFINITE is considered as one of those Kpop artists who have proven their popularity with record sales. They were ranked 4th by the way. 😊
INFINITE is one of those male kpop groups who had broke & surpassed the 7 years curse. Along with BIG BANG and SHINee. #INFINITE
INFINITE's Nam Woohyun is known as the "promoter/trendsetter" of the famous "finger hearts" wayback in 2011.
INFINITE released "The Origin", an instrumental album of their representative songs. It was the first album of its kind by a Korean artist.
INFINITE's To-Ra-Wa was the top downloaded ringtone on the daily charts of the KPop section of Japan's top mobile website wayback in 2011.
INFINITE was the first Kpop group to obtain the permission to film at the Universal Studio in LA, California for their Destiny MV.
INFINITE achieved an all kill in Man In Love. Making them the 1st idol to received 1st place wins in all music shows for the past 12 years.
INFINITE is the first Kpop group to utilize the 360 degree camera. It is also the first Kpop video of its kind. #INFINITE
INFINITE was the first Kpop act to be featured in the "K-Town" column made by Billboard. #INFINITE
INFINITE is one of the top ten touring acts along with Big Bang, 2PM, TVXQ, SHINee, EXO, SNSD, CNBlue, XIA and B1A4. #INFINITE
INFINITE's The Chaser was been picked by Rolling Stone Magazine to be one of the "50 Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time". #INFINITE
INFINITE was known to be the first idol group to have been guested in Weekly Idol. They ranked #3 on having many appearances on Weekly Idol.
INFINITE has the best designs for logo due to their versatility & ability to be reinvented. Along with EXO, they had the best logo designs.
INFINITE was the 1st Kpop group to have a solo concert in Dubai. They brought Kpop Invasion in Dubai for being National Kwave Representative
INFINITE was been called as the "ICONS OF OBSESSION" and being clingy because of their type of music. #INFINITE KING OF SYNCHRONIZE💛



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Machiatto with 2 spoons of milk

THIS hits different when you know, that CEO sold his house to made this comeback, only to get their first win and be saved from disband.




@Majda Hamine .




@Betül ㅡ


@Brenna The cat lover namu just completed recently

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Jade Lee

This song saved Woollim Entertainment from bankruptcy and Infinite from disbandment. This built Infinite's career and the big-ass building of Woollim. Infinite walked so current Woollim groups could run.

HQH Huapaya

infinite era de lo mejor del kpop
nose que paso :/


wouldnt you say inifinite ran so that current wollim could be allowed to walk ?

being an orbit is tiring

@King Taeyeon yeah exactly, they ignored the company saviors

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