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Feeling Good
by Infinity

I am dancing round and round
Listening to this happy sound
You've got to let your feelings show
Relax and let vibrations flow

I am feeling good
I am feeling fine
I am feeling good
And I feel all right

This time it's for real

You may think I seem as cold
As a million winter storms
I don't mean to be this way
Was the words I always said
All I asked from you was time
Time to find out what was right
I was being inexperienced
On how to be more than just a friend

This time it's for real
I know I know I know it
That's the way I feel

Like a bird that learned to fly
On its way to fly so high
It was like my life had just begun
I tried to reac out for the sun
You caught me unexpectedly
I tried to fly with broken wings
You were reaching out for me
For the first moment I felt free


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