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Jesus Knows
by Infinity

Excuse me people
All those things you think you're hiding
from someone hah!
jesus knows it all.
Dapti dab tidaba didapti dap dapti dap didati dap. 3x
jesus jesus knows, jesus yes he knows 3x
1: you are the one who smoke's cigarette
you lick tom tom say nobody knows,
you go to church singing powerful
songs and nobody knows
You are the sister went to boyfriend's house
after doing your thing
you come back again, you started to dance and
you thought in your heart nobody knows
All those things you think you are hiding
from someone (jesus knows it all)
You can never lie to your creator
(jesus knows it all)
you can never fool your master
(jesus knows it all)2x
You're the one the chameleon when you are in
your house you're the baddest bobo,
when you go to church you become holy
holy and nobody knows
You're the sister the hypocrite,
you spread bad rumors all about when
you see the person you begin to smile and nobody knows

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