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More To This
by Information Society

I believe
That deep inside you want to see
I can feel
the poisons that you breathe are real

You can change reality that you sustain
You concede
To anything that you believe

Please don’t leave me words to cope with
Painted lies on walls of hope and
Wasted days for us to grieve
There is more to this
Than you believe

I can see
The end of this inevitably
Stay right here
Inverted and away from fear

You maintain the emptiness that I contain
You are free
Please be what you can choose to be

Throw away your words of greed
Hold onto the things you need
Perfect days and sympathy
Or dreams inside your "happy sea"

Contributed by Daniel V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Muchui Thambura

on mulosi by Luhya


Akash sb

on Tere Mere Pyar Karke by Nacchatar Gill

Nice song.


on Amirika by Kojo Antwi


আমিনুল ইসলাম আমিন

on Kon pathe by Parvathy Baul

খুবসুন্দর গান।

J. M. Smig

on Black Coffee Waltz by J. M. Smig

My compliments to the genuine schizophrenics imagining lyrics to my instrumental music. I love this site.

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