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by Ing

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Confusion False eyes are staring Disrespectfully and untrue The burden…
Inside Out Now everything you're telling me rips me up I swear I…

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Comments from YouTube:

Ben Peacock

climate and weather are NOT the same. climate affects weather.


Mr.Sketch ARarooo 2 please!

ya boi

Good job want a cookie

James Wallace

Very Helpful! I am new to the car tuner world with a 2017 STI and this video has really helps you understand the features of the Cobb access port and functionality.

Shane Harriman

Thank you for the video! Looking into getting a AP for my MS6, once I get the timing fixed. It was a check the gas and fill the oil car before head work.

Ivan's World

How do I set it up to check for dam or knock? God I'm so clueless when it comes to this. I just flashed my ecu.


Ivan's World go under gauges select how many gauges you want to monitor 1 to 6 then select which parameters you want for the amount of gauges you’ve selected.

Fred Jr.

I have a cat less exhaust, and so the check engine light is constantly on due to the oxygen sensors. Could I program this to ignore that?

sariah reigns

i love the butal honesty lol thankyou for the awesome video. that said i have one thing to correct you.

I work for a dealership. There is no such thing as voiding a warranty. A claim can be refused but everything else not pertaining to the failed part will still be covered under factory warranty.


@James Key u can still put a catback on the car just not a downpipe

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