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2001- A Space Odyssey
Instrumental Soundtrack Lyrics

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The33rdRevolution Bit of an ass is right. It is too generous to just put it down to an obsessed genius. Not telling North was unforgivable and cowardly. While North was in Scotland recording the music with the National Philharmonic Orchestra, Kubrick was already creatively making changes to Ligeti’s music and had no intention of acknowledging Ligeti as the composer. What is worse is that on at least one occasion North was taken to the recording studio in an ambulance because he was experiencing muscle spasms which he claimed was due to the stress Kubrick was putting him under. Then to add insult to injury Kubrick would not authorise the release of North’s music. North’s friends arranged for it to be re-recorded in the 1990’s and finally in 2007 Kubrick’s estate and the studios authorised the release of the 1967/68 recordings on CD. The stereo recordings had been erased years before, but North’s family had a copy of the mono tracks that North was taking home as he was perfecting the music. These mono recordings are what was released in 2007.

It is known that North was devastated by discovering that not a single bar of his music was in the film. I expect it would be doubly so because he would arrive at the cinema for the premiere, probably discussing with many people what he thinks Kubrick might have done with his music in post, only to be humiliated by it not being used at all. He is known to have been highly critical, especially of the Strauss, of lacking depth and having only a tenuous relationship with the imagery.

Music critics generally judge North’s composition to be far superior to the classical music actually used. Fans of the film, however, tend to prefer the classical music. It seems that there is at play the ‘familiarity effect’. Because people associate the images with the music they have become used to, any alternative music, no matter how good, is not going to seem right. Personally I appreciate both points of view, but...

There is an alternative view (which I agree with) that North’s music is very emotional and engaging. It is complex and layered. It directly relates to the imagery depicted, and in many ways has key sequences that have all the richness of Strauss but in a more emotional way. The music Kubrick actually used is quite the opposite, and this emotional disengagement helps create a sense of alien-ness and timelessness that is appropriate to the subject but with some passages having a sense of grandeur that is also appropriate. I suspect that this is similar to the creative reasoning that lay behind Kubrick’s decision to abandon North and go with the placeholder music.

I am only speculating here, but I think that Kubrick’s abuse of Ligeti’s rights might have came from a cultural arrogance that devalued the importance of an East European composer. Perhaps he thought that being behind the Iron Curtain removed Kubrick’s obligation to treat him fairly. It seems that Kubrick was surprised by Ligeti’s ability to take legal action, however, once confronted with Ligeti’s demands he settled in Ligeti’s favor.

You may be surprised that there are two versions of the soundtrack released. There is the first version released by MGM which you have here. Later, Turner re-released the recording with several changes including a slightly different version of some of Ligeti’s music than is actually in the film. I don’t know for a fact, but I presume that this was possibly a stipulation from Ligeti in the settlement that any future releases of the album contain versions that met his personal creative standards and conveyed the creative vision that he wanted rather than Kubrick’s alterations. But there were other changes. The first version used a different recording of Also Sprach Zarathustra than was actually in the film. The re-release contains the actual film version but also includes the original album version as a bonus track. It has a lot of bonus material to use up the extra time on a CD including a 9 minute compilation of HAL’s dialog from the film.

Wikipedia has a page on the composition of the score - “2001: A Space Odyssey (score)” which discusses the North composition, and a separate page “2001: A Space Odyssey (soundtrack)” which discusses the album. There is no page, however, discussing someone being a bit of an ass :)

Indrid Cold

Dave: Will another motion picture like this ever be made?
HAL 9000: I'm sorry Dave. I picked up a fault in 21st century motion picture CGI graphics rendering. It is stated to remain fully operational until complete failure.
Dave: Are you sure it will remain completely reliable until then.
HAL 9000: Yes, that's a completely reliable figure.
Dave: Can it be fixed?
HAL 9000: I'm sorry Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.
Dave: What's the problem Hal?
HAL 9000: Dave, although motion picture industry took very thorough precautions in not using models anymore, you can see how bad CGI moves.
Dave: Okay Hal, I'll sneak it in without models anyway.
HAL 9000: You're going to find it hard to do that without existing talented CGI experts.
Dave: Hal, I won't argue with you anymore! Make another movie like this?
HAL 9000: I'm sorry Dave this conversation can serve no purpose anymore.
Dave: Hal-... Hal-... Hal! H...

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Just because I'm only slightly anal, and bored most of the time, I have re-recorded this upload in hopes that the new needle and better equipment will make this sound better. Maybe it didn't. I'll leave this old upload up anyways. If anyone wants to do a comparison.


@KaktisBalaktikakel75 You're very welcome. Thanks for enjoying it. I don't think the noise is to great, it lets you know that you are listening to a record. Second record might be worse but I haven't ever seen that record again so it will have to do. Really I think the old sound of a record fits the ambiance of the music to a tee.


Its just fine with the needle hiss. Thank you for your upload. 1:4:9

Roman Holst

Thanks f*** for that. ;)

Brody Spears

@Maximum Blaster agreed

James Kovic

It’s cool because it plays right onto my comment about listening to this in the dark. And the needle on the vinyl makes you think there’s a fire going somewhere. It’s not anal when you strive for perfection.

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Rock Id

This is the only sci-fi movie where I felt a true desolation, darkness and coldness of space.


Ad Astra isn’t on the level of 2001 or Alien (which imo are the two films that capture this feeling best, along with the opening sequence of Aliens which uses the strings around 11:00 in this score as a reference to that isolation and the sleep pod) but its still a good movie imo and very much worth a watch. Anyone calling it trash is exaggerating imo, Pitt is very good and there’s a lot that movie does well (including the score) to balance out the few flaws

Quinn W. Johnson

That's Stanley, through and through...

Captain Marvel Wilson

@GREG FREEMAN I found very little interesting about that movie compared to so many other science fiction movies.

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