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Instrumental Soundtrack Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Jaws' by these artists:

Audrey Horne A tender moment, a sudden case of fear, arms against…
Aviators I'm not just a creature More than a simple feature I'll stan…
Bladee Golden ticket, golden star Black heart like Jafar Night call…
Bush Tetras Hank Williams Jr. Miscellaneous Young Country (Bush/Frist …
D.A.V.E. The Drummer & Jerome [Chorus]: [x2] You and ya boy jaw jackin actin' like you…
Erich Kunzel / Cincinnati Pops Orchestra Gonna fly now, flying high now Gonna fly, fly, fly Rocky's…
Growling Mad Scientists Creation shows me what to do I'm dancing on the floor…
Japanese Cartoon The dark - the night - the flee - the…
Lemon Demon Jaws the shark! Lurking in the dark of the depths of…
Magnet When the hungry jaws of lust bites down On a wide…
Magnet (1) When the hungry jaws of lust bites down On a wide…
Promaster0789 I′m not just a creature More than a simple feature I'll stan…
Roc Marciano Yeah, we're in the car [?] Yeah! Oh no! I need a…
Sleep Token Stand under the stained glass and I will know it's…
Technosnaus Ey yo du hører når vi kommer Du blir fort om…
Uzimon There's so much evil in the world today (evil in…

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Antonio El Aventurero

I've seen it A THOUSAND TIMES!!!!

Memorized a great deal, if not the entire dialog


and ESPECIALLY......JOHN WILLIAMS ' EPIC 🎶 🎵 ( not just the main theme)

From the clarinet when chief Brody loose through the shark books, followed by the pier incident 🎶 🎵

The 🎶 🎵 as Chief Brody and Hooper
Are looking for the shark at night and come across ben Gardners boat

The estuary victim and chief Brody looking at the horizon as the camera zooms in

The three heroes set sailing OUT TO SEA

Seeing the shark and harpooning it!
(Must have rewinded the cassette OVER AND OVER on that scene because it was so damn cool! INCREDIBLE . Especially when Hooper gets ready to tie the barrel and quint shoots! "COME ON HOOPER TIE IT ON!!" "Now, Now" "Now!" "SHOOT!" "Alright let's see how long that barrel takes to bring him up!)

As well as the realization that the shark is still able to dive and starts getting dark/ night

Indianapolis speech


Building the shark cage

the orca isinking, and chief Brody gets geared up with the harpoon and rifle, climbs the mast in a last ditch effort to save himself

OOOOOHHHH, the shark closing in on chief Brody and trying to shoot the tank!
Got me biting my nails the first time I saw the movie, because of the 🎶 🎵!!!

The "sad" music as the shark sinks

And FINALLY, Chief Brody and Hooper swimming back to shore/ end credits !!

One of my favorite films!
Steven Spielberg and John Williams

All comments from YouTube:

Khan Rayendra Putera

You know you've made an awesome theme song when only the first note is played, and people instantly figured out what it is.


Awesome? should've said Jawsome


@Anderson Reviews 345 those superman E.t., Harry Potter his list is long


He has done so many that fit into that the guy is amazing

Barbara Baldwin



My teacher used this song in a lesson today

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People generally assume that the JAWS theme is a simple two-note tune, but this is quite a layered piece with a lot of complexities going on throughout.

Douglas Ahle

@Dawn Gregory the guy conducting the Orchestra. Is the guy who composed & wrote it. He also wrote all the Star Wars, E.T., Indiana Jones, Close Encounters music.


Wow you are very big brain 😮🤓


The threat is always there, even in the subtle moments. (I’ve made it) no you haven’t.

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