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The Pink Panther
Instrumental Soundtrack Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'The Pink Panther' by these artists:

The Pink Panther Pink Pink Panthers Panthers Pink Pink Panthers Pink Pink Pa…

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Comments from YouTube:

Jochen Stacker

When watching the movies and cartoons it is easy to overlook just how great the music is.


@Vincent Franklin
I read that "Linus and Lucy" are considered the "gateway drug" to jazz. I'm certainly happy I got addicted to that instead of the real thing... 😬

Vincent Franklin

@Texan-American Doug Goodwin's scores for The Ant and The Aardvark shorts, Henry Mancini's Pink Panther theme, and Vince guaraldi's peanuts scores, got me into jazz at a young age.


@Vincent Franklin
Other intro jazz also pulled me in... "Peter Gunn," "Jonny Quest" and the original "Mission Impossible" TV show. Never realized how exposed I was to jazz.

Vincent Franklin

@Texan-American Same for me!


This as well as "Linus and Lucy" are started my love for jazz so many years ago...

Soundtrack Fred

A requested one, and as we all know, a great one.
Let me tell you, that I used the old RCA Records material for this one (well, there is no other source, yet anyway). In the 60s Mancini did several albums with them and formed his film scores into exquisit jazz albums.
Filled with different music of different rhythms you can understand putting the tunes together was not simple (there are not many to choose from either). I hope you enjoy it anyway.
For most of the other Pink Panther movies, expanded releases exist and will make the work (with the actual film material) much easier. So stay tuned and enjoy!

Mister Pink

I was the 99th like on this comment

Who wants to be the 100th like?

Surfer Joe

Thanks so much for doing these; they're wonderful. I've worn all the albums out over the years, and am loving hearing these from you every day. It sure would be great if Fran Jeffries' wonderful take of "It Had Better Be Tonight" turned up.

Robert Taylor

Great arranging and superb musicianship. I have wonderful memories of sitting in the living room in the evening with the family listening to music like this. Often listened to an old station by the name of WJIB ( on the waterfront)

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