Invalids Lyrics

When the chair leaned too far, it rolled over
Anything inside it so rolling over, too

Errant condition an eager reflex tried to stall
Everyone is waiting, you don't want to do this at all

Dust on the dining set
Nobody sits here

Think of when we said we'd stay
Think of the times outside
Anything could have been inches away
And we couldn't see it
(any place should we choose to lie
No one would find us (out))
And I don't have to learn from this mistake
And I don't have to learn from anything

We tried to hold, long as we could,
To our reflections in the water
Went under

Tried to build a fence to keep the geese from walking through the yard
But geese can fly

There were empty houses down the street
We sneaked inside them
There were times in the basement
We could swear there was someone upstairs then
(odd echo, silent stone)
You said we had best keep still
You said part of you wished they would come for you anyway

There were empty trestles
Where the train used to run through here
Then someone fell off
And died
You faced it staying up all night
You wanted to go there
I hated the black hole
I hated the skin surface overturning,
Uncovering all the awful things that crawl around inside

I tried to hide the fact I came upstairs
Hoping I would see you
Tried to hide the fact I gave up coming to see
"The worst is over"

Twisting and stepping over my stomach,
I saw you walking back from my turning shoulder
(everyone's waiting)
Sat against the wall in the hallway last night
You asked me if I had felt a thing
What could I say?

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Comments from YouTube:

Scott Phillips

that song is absolutely amazing! I genuinely believe with all of my heart that you are making the best music of anyone other person alive right now (and Im a musician/guitarist/songwriter) this stuff pretty much sums up everything I could possibly want musically and then some! you deserve soooo much more recognition than you get! this song even added a Sufjan Stevens element to the mix! perfect!


Love that Cursive reference at around 4:23, it made me really excited that I got one of the references without having to look it up. Same with the Algernon Cadwallader reference in Satellite. All amazing stuff, keep rocking!


As with every song on this album, excellent instrumentation with touching, emotion-evoking lyrics. Amazing.

Christian McDougall

This has a shameful amount of views, these songs deserve many, many more thousand!

Casper Ablij



This is so sick. It’s like minus the bear and this town needs guns had a kid.

Evan Fagerberg

Do I smell some Final Fantasy 7 sneaked into here?

Pete Davis

+Evan Fagerberg lolol somebody else asked me that as well, but actually no, there was no intent to allude to FF7 here XD must be subconscious

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