Hear Me Out
Irma Lyrics

Hear me out
As I talk to you
Don't close your eyes
I just like you


Hear me out
As I talk to you
You don't own my life
Cause I'm scared of you

Broken bones
Scars on my skin
Yeah l feel disgraced
For my own killer sins


Hear me out
As I talk to you
So hear the crowd
Cause that'd be the truth

Cause you teIl me why
L swear in vain
And l'm here to sing for the poor lands


And the helpless mom calling this way
The father you ignore every day
The homeless child who is walking on a better way

Oh, it's a crazy world up here
But l have faith
I believed that l was going to win someday

La la la la la...

Hear me someday

La la la la la...

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Comments from YouTube:

rainbow candy

this deserves way more views.

it saddens me that songs that bring good messages like this one often getting ignored by the world. instead the society pay way too much attention to things that promote drugs, sex, racism, how-much-swag-a-celebrity-has and whatnot.

But i never lose hope. I know there are people out there that genuinely care about world peace, basic human rights, safety for children, education, extinction, environment and other things that actually matter. I might not live to see the day when things like this actually caught attention from the world, but as long as i live, i will continue fighting for what i believe in.


+rainbow candy I couldn't agree more. Don't give up! :)

Mickael Minel

Irma est une artiste formidable qui mérite d'etre connu dans le monde entier. J'ai eu la chance de vivre un de ces concerts à Limoges(John Lennon)
J'ai jamais écouter une chanteuse qui donne autant d'émotions dans ces chansons.
A la fin du concert , apres que le public est scandé "une autre une autre" , Irma reviens pour un dernier morceaux dans la fausse , tous assis par terre , qui peut faire ca à part IRMA ...personne
Merci à ces musiciens extraordinaire

Richard Beardsley

I have been living in Cameroon, on and off for 9 years: Yaoundé, Mendong, Simbock, Kribi... I discovered Irma only today on France 24 and, God willing will be at her concert 31 January in Toulouse, France. She is a complete musician and a total star. Eureka.


Ça pourrait devenir un hymne pour l'unicef cette chanson tellement elle est fédératrice! Dommage que ses disques physique ne soient pas distribué au Canada :( 

Volatiana Evasion

Merci Irma !!! On découvre une autre facette, l'expression corporelle te va bien aussi :-). Le clip, le texte, c'est top top. Le regard direct et sans ciller, tu gères et tu assumes. J'adhère !!! Vivement l'album.

Gustave ELIMBI D.

votre expression aussi profonde que le titre de son album ne semble pas destinée à tout le monde Miss

jah delph

vraiment touchant , clip et chanson magnifique comme l'Artiste , merci;

F-Zaïhrra ISISS

இڿ❥ This touched my soul the first time i heard it..
         thank you miss Irma ღღღღ


I hear U, so, so loud and clear, that involuntary shivers are running up and down my spine, tears of joy and appreciation run down my face! So deeply touched am I, that I believe yet again in a world of beauty, love and divine creativity. U is truely a blessing in a world so bent on destruction, tyrany and rape.

In other words, U touched me, so very very deep within

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