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Dark Shadows of Stygia
by Ironsword

Beyond the red horizon
A Stygian citadel lies
Veiled in a purple mist
Entombed in time
Thieves travel miles
Amazed by jewels and gold
They do not care or fear
The stories bards have told

Dark shadows of Stygia
Dark shadows of Stygia

The gates are wide open
Stalk among the ruins
So ancient yet enchanted
Slumbering in lurid nimbus
Enter the black stone temple
Behold the priesthood scrolls
And the great serpent of gold
Once worshipped in ways of old

Dark shadows of Stygia
Dark shadows of Stygia

Plumbed deep into evil depths
You awoke the snake-god yet again
The fiery sparkling ruby eyes of Set
Mesmerised, soon to join the dead

Lost in desert retreats
And brooding river Styx
Remnants of an impious past
A Stygian curse still lives
Bards will always tell
About a citadel lost
But many still will venture
To sack at all cost

Dark shadows of Stygia
Dark shadows of Stygia

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