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Wrath of Crom
by Ironsword

We seldom call
For the grim lord of the mound
Or he shall cast upon us
Doom and death unbound
If you beseech for aid
Like many did before
Cimmerian's chief god
Will laugh forevermore

Crom - Wrath of Crom
Crom - Wrath of Crom

The savage gloomy one
Has gifted man at birth
Valour pleases Crom
So honour thee with mirth
Use the strength and courage
Wisely on your way
The fire in your heart
The will and might to slay

Crom - Wrath of Crom
Crom - Wrath of Crom

Before his high throne
One day you shall kneel
A riddle must be solved
The discipline of steel
May the dead depart
With shield, sword and helm
Their souls will wander
In Crom's grey misty realm

(Repeat chorus)

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