Isaiah Rashad Lyrics

It's the motherfucking house in this bitch
We got Kevin Adams coming live from the motherfucking basement
It's the house, it's trill dreams
Fuck them niggas, I said that
Fuck them niggas
Fuck my P.O

Trill dreams muthafucka
On probation only sippin lean muthafucka
Dirty bitches always want a clean muthafucka
Pull a bitch right up out her seams muthafucka
What it seen muthafucka

Gee whiz, dog syrup, bubble fizz
Y'all niggas think you bad or something
And for nothing, pissed off
Nigga I ain't scared of nothin'
Young nigga big balls, big dreams
Money scheming, bad bitch
Mixed Breed, sayin she ain't a freak
But her panties are see through
Sure I believe you, I must have x-ray vision then
Visions of me in a Benz
With a ten fuckin' right
Gotta risk it, roll the dice
And dog you scared to fail
And nigga you scared of life
Not a stereotype just wanna be heard through your stereo too
And move my mom and dad out of imperial too
And smoke weed and keep making these rap anthems
Times is getting ugly, pockets ain't that handsome
Women see a nigga and be like oh hey handsome
And all black, the clan thinking are they Panthers
Cause we ain't pussy, and we ain't actors
Are we legends, cause we ain't rappers
They ask questions and then bang after
Damn the nigga didn't even wait for an answer
Muthafucka's is sick, but it ain't cancer
Rolling in big wheels, but we ain't hamsters
Young blacks, mad we just tryna get nigger rich
Ass fat, look like it should belong on a bigger bitch
Hospitals ain't never seen a nigga as sick as this
Did I mention the house I gotta say that with emphasis
Can a muthafucka kick it one time (one time)
Like can a muthafucka kick it one time
And baby your gorgeous, the whole world should see ya
Maybe we should fuck in a house with no glasses
One time while I'm posted and getting head
Baby what's your hat size
See Martin would be proud, a white girl to like black guys
These hoes ain't gonna love you until you make it
And the friends that you make after will probably be the fakest

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