Life In Jail
Islands Lyrics

You sure you want to spend you life in jail?
How you gonna spend your life in jail?
I was on my way

First break the skin, next open the wound
Now force your fingers in, then here's what you do:
Climb inside the vein and have some heart
You said, 'I want to spend my life in jail'
Why do you want to spend your life in jail?
'I've lost my way'
'Pour concrete on me delicately, baby
so I can live my sedimental life sedentarily'. What a life
'I could just sit here for hours and watch TV', Worthlessly
So that's why you choose to spend your life in jail
Who would choose to spend their life in jail?
You've lost your way

'Blow my money on my favourite company
they can blow holes in my ozone
so pour that propane on my clothes
I like it when my skin glows
besides there's nothing to live for'
Unless you live a little more like you're going to die

So what the fuck are you going to do?
They robbed your life from you
Tell them you want to get it back
If you do, I've got your back
Yes it's something worth defending
So throw caution to the wind
And other platitudes
That were written just for you
Take a shit in their swimming pool
Let them chase you if you do
Finally something is happening to you
Put an axe through the TV
Blow up your radio,
Though you can't see them now
You'll hear birds singing in your soul
Sneak your way past the gates in a hard heart shape
If you're gonna be a shark you better learn to stay awake
Why you wanna spend your life in jail?

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Comments from YouTube:


This song is simply fantastic in every way.


I gotta say, this is way better than most of the stuff on Vapours.


@Tacokinesis I really like Vapours as well. It's just my opinion that the arrangements on Arm's Way are a lot deeper and more involved. Most critics seemed to overlook Arm's Way because RTTS is so brilliant.


@Tacokinesis Also, your comment is implying that I need to continue to have the same tastes as an artists. Is "Division Bell" also your favorite Pink Floyd album, since it's the last one they released?


would you mind putting Kids Don't Know Shit up? you seem to have a better handle on this than i do.


so pour that propane on my clothes I like it when my skin glows besides there's nothing to live for

noah martin

Best line in the song


@fridayglamour You forgot that all important next line. :) Just live a little more like you're going to die.


you are the uploader so yeah.. but you couldnt have answered the question more fedora than that. his assumption was not baseless, the artists are not making music for you but for themselves


2020 only me anyone?

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