To a Bond
Islands Lyrics

To a bond, underneath,
A bridge between two trees,
Both blowing leaves into that great ravine,
You came swimming with me.

I like how you swim,
You do it with ease, you do it with ease,
Then an oar came down,
Struck that water, bad luck struck us down.
Bruised, removed you, brought you to shore,
Before they came for you,
Then I watched you disappear,
Dripping bloodstained footsteps smear.

Don't let the bleeding stop,
It's everything you've got,
In a body undergoing night surgery,
Enemy wants to cut into me.

I escaped in the nick of time,
Centipede floats by on a leaf,
I like how it floats,
It does it with ease, it does it with ease.

Then I saw you on the ledge,
Talked you down, talked your ear off then,
We walked around till you had to leave,
To catch a train at ten.

And gone around the bend,
But bound like Chinese feet,
Don't go unraveling, traveling into the blue,
Returned to look for you.

Couldn't say goodbye,
The porch light in my heart had gone out,
Had gone out in the dark,
Had gone out in the dark like flies.

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Comments from YouTube:


right in the feels.


i love the bass line from 4:32 on.

Nathan Faure

@cpmammoth Wrong, the Unicorns do !


don't go unraveling...

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