You Won't Let Me Down Again
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan Lyrics

You sold your soul
When you drank the morning dew
Down on your luck
And so thirsty through and through
The crack in the mirror
Tells of seven years of pain
And you won't let me down again

Drive through the night
Just to see the ocean green
Race to the coast
There's no telling where I've been
Both eyes on the road ahead
Don't wanna look behind
And you won't let me down again

Ten miles of the city
And I lose you in the rain
So you won't let me down again

Aeroplane, aeroplane
Race across the fields
Taking me home
Was further from the deals
Your father was a weaker man
Give up without a sound
But you won't let me down again

Strength is in the solitude
I tried to obtain
But you won't let me down again

A head full of visions
I struggle to recall
Those ancient of wisdoms
Are poured into us all
Air will crackle in the heat
The harvest moon will reign
And you won't let me down again

And I don't look for pity
So if it's all the same
You won't let me down again

You won't let me down again


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Comments from YouTube:

tom jacobs

Such a fantastic song.  I'm a huge Lanegan fan,  but Isobel blends so well with him.  Wow!!


I was also very impressed with his Cover of Crystalized with Martina Topley-Bird. While I prefer Lanegan's bluesier stuff, Topley-Bird's voice also seems to fit with Lanegan's extremely well.

Mateus Talles

Really like the balance between them voices in this song..

Hristo Uzunov

Rest in Peace, Mark. First song I heard of yours, and it's a stunner.

siempre canalla

amazing song, amazing voice, i love mark!

mint berry crunch

His voice is like the earth beneath your feet.. Old, dirty, craggy & crumbling. Her voice is like the breeze in the trees above your head.. Fresh, sweet, heavenly & ethereal.. & barely heard above the rustling.

V.M Varga

mint berry crunch That was awesome

Beto Salles

now this is a brutal song, so calous and full of bitter angry... so human, i fucking LOVE it to death!

Jesper Sahner Pedersen

Spot on, get the same feeling listening to "Last Call" by Elliott Smith


Great lyrics

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