Israel Vibration Lyrics

Run bredda rat, bredda puss after you
Run bredda puss, bredda dog after you
Tell me what you really gonna do
What you gonna do?

The cat chased the mouse
While the dog raced the cat around the corner
The vultures are waiting to see the great slaughter
So they can fly down and clean up after
While the big guys sit up over yonder having all the laughter

While they laugh
Sipping champagne
Having all the best of wine
They assemble to mess up your mind

I ah oh ya
What you gonna do now?
Do now

I ah oh ya
What you gonna do?
They always try to do to us the things that are wrong
But we’ll forever be, forever strong

I ah oh ya
What you gonna do now?
Do now

I ah oh ya
We work so hard
For a very long time
And still I’m telling you:
Cant find no food to take a we yard

I ah oh ya
What you gonna do now?
Do now

I ah oh ya
What you gonna do?
What you gonna do?
Babylon chasing after you

I ah oh
Brother oh now
Say whoa
Sister whoa
Whoa yo...whoa yo...whoa yo

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Eletro Grave

Fogo !

flesher flesh


Peter Pa

When I play this song my neighbors love it so much they call the cops to come and listen 😆

Monica Muthoni

Tihiiiii bro uko sawa

Graham Sawyer

hehehe 4 sure but imagine the set they have by now all the man speakers theyv confiscate

RoyalRas Queen


Mutai Don

Ha ha Ha ha

austine ochieng'


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Getenet Alemu

Nuf respect Israel Vibration, this truck especially describes my hometown Africa perfectly!!
The rat = the mass
The cat = middle politicians
The dog =top officials
The vultures = so called media
The big guys=world superpowers
We( the mass) being chased by the cat(middle politicians) , and the cats being chased by the dog (the top officials) all this is awaited by the vultures (media) to see the greater slaughter and while this the superpowers sit up in laughter sipping champagne - - - that how I see it.

Ahmad Kenya

Getenet Alemu ,true,but nothing lasts forever.

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