We A De Rasta
Israel Vibration Lyrics

tu quieres estar conmigo, no estar con el
el es tu novio pero yo ek dueño de tu piel
cuando tu estas con el a mi es a quien me quieres ver
y pasar una noche en mi cama hasta el amanecer
dime que tu quieres, yo tengo lo que tu esperas
te doy lo que el te ha dado en meses en una noche entera
yo se que el cariño que te doy el no supera
entonces que tu haces con el, vente conmigo que tu esperas

Writer(s): Albert Craig

Contributed by Amelia W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Chu Konwea

What is it about these Jamaicans and music? How can a nation of less than 3 million people be so prolific with harmonious and melodious music?

Jamaicans must surely rank as some of the most musically advanced and gifted people who ever lived on earth, having very thoroughly mastered the anatomy of sound.

The secret in my opinion is that they sing from the heart with conviction and not just for the money. The roots reggae group Israel Vibration pretty well nailed down this point with ‘We Are De Rasta.’

Alpha D Official


Universe Crawler

@Mike Schneider classical geniuses?....man LOL

Magic Hands

Mike Schneider Agree, reggae is in essence spiritual music; rastafari have old christian roots from when the faith was brought to Ethiopia by the apostels. Some lyrics are literally biblical and Jah is name of the father. But that's just historical. Reggae can be music of deep faith and we should enjoy it as there is not music like it.

Mike Schneider

Musically advanced? .. compare roots reggae to the works of the classical geniouses. I would not put it that way. But i was thinking about why roots reggae is so deep sometimes .. in all musical genres there are examples of excellence. I think its when a musician makes the music like a believer is praying to a higher power. Its like if they sing / perform for "god" and not for the audience. Its a spiritual statement and therefor if you are listing you connect to it on a deeper level because we are all spiritual.


Chu Konwea
Caribbean CULTURE is not quantity is quality!
spiritual power at its roots


Heard this track last night for the first time .......reggae just keeps on giving.

Axel Natural

An Apple Gabriel a day keeps di Doctors away!!!

Thunder Motivated Towards Excellences

Thanks you Carlton and Aston Familyman for this sound !!!

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