Nights Like This
J-Live Lyrics

Ooh, yeah, you're living in your zone
Ooh, comes through on nights like this, yeah

Yo, soon as the sun sets, nah, nah
Soon as the earth's side reflects the light, nah
Soon as the sun sets my part of the earth on its backside
Sayin' you can call it a night
I get a rush like a bird's eye view of the city at the clock-die
When the street lights ignite
'cause by then I'm getting gamblin' out of the greed
It seems easy as the 1 to the 1, to the 3 times 3
I know a man that know a man that know the author
That sent a ripple through time to let me know the author was me

I write my own rhyme book of vignettes
Auto biological and I ain't done yet
The sun set means sun rise on the other side of things
Showing you equalities, so follow me to the lead

Together we can set our speed, reignite the seeds
You know how many had to bleed just so you could read
Fuck weed, what you need, is a night like this
To put things in perspective the sights before you, 1 before 2

It's simple as old before new
So if you frontin' like you knew, before you knew
Welcome back to what's true

When you're in your zone as if you're all alone
It's just that conscious lives comes through on nights like this

Yeah, nights like this, I don't wish for rain drops
No need to anticipate
My words hold enough weight to make it precipitate
The baron I fertilize, the crooked I set 'em straight
In simulcast, watch me hold it down and levitate my mind state

From Florida to Washington, from Cali to Maine
From a state of frustration that'll make you complain
To a state of calm where you can enjoy the rain
From the sight, to the sound, to the feel, to the taste
To the place where you know you can set your own pace

Enter at your own reward it's called knowledge of self
Leave without it, you won't leave a trace in the stars
No matter who you are, no matter what you got
No matter what you will or what you're not

No matter over mind, son, it's mind over matter
So never mind the chatter at the bottom of the ladder
That's the bottom of the 8th, let the bottom feeders hate
Feed the love to the babies, not the love of Mercedes
But the love of a night like this

Filled with cool peeps, chilled drinks and life lessons
'cause as soon as the sun sets you know you're back to the earth
There won't be hours put into seconds for second guessin'
4 legs, 2 legs or 3 legs, why spend the last leg pissed
When you can spend it on nights like this

When you're in your zone as if you're all alone
It's just that conscious lives comes through on nights like this

When you're in your zone as if you're all alone
It's just that conscious lives comes through on nights like this

Comes through on nights like this


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Comments from YouTube:

RAQUAAHWA TheCodedtestament

That beautiful and soulful hip-hop music, the hook and the beat is soul cleansing and he took it to another level lyrically


Word brotha!


one of the best hip hop songs of all time.  commercial rap get the gun clap.


Add 10, 20 or more years this will always be a classic... me and my girl used to sit quiet by the balcony just listening without a kiss... spending our nights like this!


@Mark Grejda Word man... I mean, this will be mentioned every my kids ask me "daddy... what was it (hip-hop) like back then?". And I´m sure they´ll join you (us) in that conclusion: PERFECT!

Mark Grejda

@lamzy I'm 38, been a b-boy my whole life. This track still gives me goosebumps. It's literally perfect.

Jesus Robledo

Cool John Coltrane reference in this album cover.

Mark Grejda

Fan of this track since day 1. Still a fan.

Jake Schuh

Mark Grejda ya man this track is something else. Remeber listening to this in high school... Time flys

Darth Vader

Omar trying to set Avon up. Then Wee Bey comes n saves him. "Avon I got you cheesy fries" Omar starts clapping god the Wire was soo good. Will always be the best

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