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Dear diary, here I be droppin' some shit
But not journals and memoirs, lines and bars
I stretch my hands out to reach for the stars
I'm makin' plans now to live on Mars
Cause I got Earth on lock
See my mind is like a muse to a paper
Cause I'm used to a paper-drawn blank
Till it's got me to think
And I just dip it in my think tank
Fill it with anger and
Run straight through the lines cause I can't be stopped
And pose my will on words even if they won't
For example I make words rhyme even when they don't
With the ample vocabulary even with the quote
I make it mind on mind till I'm done with it
Cause I had fun with it
Pick it up and run with it
Score it and spike it and
Don't take a second to figure out you like it
And if you think you can find a match then strike it
It won't ignite, cause it can't fill my Nikes
With the man made lake and the dam and the dyke
And the canal it still can't float quite like
This natural feel brake your move make it night
Cause my mic sound right even when I write like this

[Verse 2]
I get up in the zone like a super saiyan
Sayin' sayin' sayin' sayin' super humans
Wan to say them over drunk n' sober
Mere mortals make a mission out of mixin' me
With masterpieces just so they can bring them home and play them over
I dip into theory till I catch their theory, it's scarier then waiting to exhale


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Comments from YouTube:

Wraith Timid

This album never gets old. J-Live is so fuckin real, man. Love this dude.

Tekken ShaunK1

So underrated...and I think he's a top 5 MC for sure. Not many can compete lyrically at his level....the intelligence....unmatched

Duane Chavis

this album is still on the move!!!!!! dope!!!!!

Fantasy Guru

Save the best track til last. Sicker than a cancer patient.


getting this on vinyl changed my life... for the good.

Wraith Timid

Yeah it's a clever double entendre :D

Laura Schooler

I first heard this in the basement of the Tower Records downtown on B'way (RIP), and just unearthed the CD tonight after 8 years...


Laura Schooler damn I'm listening to this on Sac RT right now...Small world! RIP Tower, The Beat & Records Records

Dan Young

7 years later I'm checking a link I posted 6 years ago. RIP Tower

D Sword

Oooh, this 🔥!

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