Let Me Down Easy
J.C. Lodge Lyrics

I remember actin out with straight aggression
I was in all kinds of trouble so I had to learn my lesson
I learned to stay anonymous to keep these bitches guessing
Anyone that fell in love with me I told them get to stepping
It seemed like time and time again
I kept looking for parents, but I never let them in
My momma tried and tried to make amends
I took so many losses, wasn’t ready for a win
And I tried to wipe the frown
But it was hard cause they let me down
I acted out in many ways
So I asked god to help me pray
They let me down
They let me down
I’m tired of getting my hopes up
I’ll stay keeping my distance till I get some close ups
And the ones that’s been fake to me ain’t getting no love
Cause I went out my way, and not one of y’all showed up
I wasn’t really focused on the grind
I was always smoking always was wasting all my time
I was skipping classes man my life was on decline
Till momma got locked up and I started writing rhymes
I am really not one to express
I’d rather be quiet and save my breathe
I don’t want no company man I don’t want the stress
Cause Y’all let me down too much so wat did y’all expect
They let me down
They let me down
These people had me stuck with aggravation
Telling me that I’m gon be living in someones basement
Well we live in Florida so what you fuck you saying replace him
Cause imma turn yo hate to motivation
Comes naturally to push people away
That’s just how I deal with all my problems and the pain
Cause I was abandoned and I was given away
I don’t want to open up just to be betrayed
So now I just sit up in my bed
Jotting down all these thoughts that’s in my head
And I know yeah I know
I hurt your feelings, but how bout mine though
They let me down
They let me down

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Written by: Lonnie Reese

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