Who Am I Telling You?
J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton Lyrics

It don't take no fool to love you
You stand out in any crowd
And I know men who want to own you
I can hear them talking loud
There ain't no point in just me talking
Who am I telling you?

But you don't got yourself together
And you can bet whithin in you
I just realised
I just realised
Who am I telling you?

You never lose, you are a winner
It's a simple thing for you
If I'm standing at a crossroad
You know exactly what to do
From this moment on I loved you
Somewhere in between I learned
I'm just reaching out to touch you
It's the point of no return
I just realised
I just realised
And I just realised
Who am I, who am I, who am I telling you?

I just realised
I just realised
And I just realised
Who am I, who am I, who am I telling you?

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Comments from YouTube:


That front row of guitar players is impressive.JJ,Eric,Derek,and Doyle,all masters.

Sandra T

Derek Trucks is everywhere, a testament to his talent, on stage with the masters. Tasty nourishment for the soul.

Michael Rohleder

Wow! This is a masterpiece!


Got a lump in my throat.a tear in my eye . Because J.J. is gone and i never got to see him . But i can hear him every day.

Rishabh Bose

I mean look at this lineup. These are some heavy duty Musicians. But everyone is doing their part and playing for the song and not outdo each other. This is what real Music should all be about.

Rhubarb 68

Unparalleled collaboration.

google user

Absolutely brilliant πŸ’•

Walter Eidmann


Glennis Joy

Six of the best guitarists, you don't get better than that.


2 legends , viva Juarez ! TQM . Amparo Soto Cole !

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