J.M Lyrics

Preach exodus, slip these shackles off of my feet
Released to rise from these streets and peak excellence
Common misconceptions, contextual imperfections
Interpreted from oppressors bout niggas who bleed melanin
Feds flood the streets but cease for free medicine
Niggas cop jewels I drop to seek relevance
Million dollar smile, grinning, lying through ya teeth
Still can't pay ya mama bills, talk alike the shit was cheap
Every corner coroners confirm a body in the sheet
Doubt I'd ever love a bitch these niggas bodies in the sheets to em
I peep the sequence treat em more like sequins see thru em
Heart along my sleeve the fabric ivory I bleed thru it
Live thru irony, lotta eyes alike was eying me
Caught between the bars, a wish they placed on how my mind would think
All about a Benjamin rather than being literate
Saying I thought different shows that I been hypocrite
Worried bout my own, not worried if he prevalent
Not picking up the phone if dead presidents ain't the precedent
Nature of the beast, I reside inside his gut
Really though to say the least, all this talk ain't doing much
Yo I been holding grudges close to bottles I been clutching
Living on the edge where niggas known to push but I ain't budging
I'm not falling off, lighting in the glass known to Molotov
From genocide to holocaust, the hood up in the fall or frost

Been exhausted from smoke that I blow, flow out an exhaust tip
Ashes to ashes, I hit it then pass it thru hardships
Often, keep at it till will embossed in my coffin
Coughing seems less dramatic, emphatic more on nostalgia
Times simple, more focused on catching up to the tempo
On these instrumentals not so much being this influential
Monumental feats beneath what's essential, too much potential
How a symbol of what's sinful become less than consequential
You know, I tend to think
About this illusion we call life a lot
Precision from each an angle, live beneath stars spangled
Hard to remain involved, any reason or cause mangled
Plastered over these posters, proposals of laws dangle
Systematic oppression got most of us all strangled

You don't see the threat, hang us from our necks
If it wasn't me it could be you that was next

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Written by: Darius Johnson

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