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Secret Hold
J. Strong Lyrics

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Don't Wanna Be I don't wanna be right I don't wanna be right I don't…
Got My Attention I've got you under my skin. I've got you deep in…
I Need U I need you so To keep me happy And if I can't…
My Brothers Wooden planes Propellers spinnin' in the west Texas wind W…
My Christmas Wish We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry…
Push It Up Hey hey hey aayyy hey hey hey aayyy Hey hey hey…
Will U Come Tonight you're mine, completely You give your soul so sweet…

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(mam, dad)
Willingness = allow your cravings to come and go.
(a friend, a book) (wife, university) (companies, performance) (I, born)
Opposite: avoid cravings and distract yourself
(singing) (jokes) (opposite doesn't work)
(research, technology, apps)
Data: willingness has 2x good results as avoidance
(make data personal - Jane)
Awareness reveals hidden craving
Exercise: "I am having the thought"
Exercise 2: I'm noticing I'm having the thought
These exercises create space
in that space you have freedom of choice
and in that space you become aware of hidden reasons for the craving
And the craving is our way to deal with controlling the hidden reasons
(slowing down to increase suspense)
Secret to self control = give up control
(craving monster analogy)
Be kind to yourself.


What the presenter advised in detail to the woman in the example.
1)Be aware of your craving.
2)Try to find out where you feel that craving in your body.
3)Try to journal that and the intensity over time.
4)Check whether you act on the craving.

I’m noticing that I’m having the thought. I’m stressed out and I am craving for something.
Give up control. Don’t fight with the craving monster. Drop the rope. Be willing to have that craving.
Try to talk to yourself with care and kindnesses as you would do to your friend.

The point of this ted is that we shouldn’t be obsessed with the state of mind where we don’t crave for things. He says, it’s all right to crave for unhealthy things and we don’t have to blame ourselves for wanting bad things. I can definitely see his point because when we blame ourselves for any kind of things that we’ve done, we lose confidence and respect for ourselves. That makes it difficult to control ourselves afterwards.


I feel like this is huge.
If you think about it, you often don't have control over your environment or exposures, but you do have control and the ability to choose how you act in those environments or resond to those exposures.
So it makes sense to learn how to not act on the craving.
Previously I would avoid going into certain stores or driving a particular route to avoid the temptations and cravings for foods or to buy new things. But the reality is I cannot always do this and avoiding the stimulus is not practical. It also teaches a behavior of avoidance of negative feelings.
Rather than avoid the stimulus or feeling, learn how to manage it.

So yes, recognize you're having the feeling. Recognize it for what it is; I'm having cravings but my emotions don't control me, I do. Do I really want that cookie? Think of the full scope of your actions. I feel like I want that cookie but I really don't because I know that I want to eat healthy. Reaffirm yourself, I am in control not my emotions. I have a strong craving, but this will pass. I am making a positive choice.
Once you have overcome that temptation, celebrate by singing "I've got the power!" :)
Take pride in your ability to face cravings and decide nope, that's not me talking, it's my cravings.
If all else fails, repeat to yourself: what's my next positive step? ... imagine it, and follow through.

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Ricardo Fabbri

Summary: self control is enhanced through awareness, letting go and less drama. Be water, my friend.

Amine Be

Watermelon is enhanced

Chaotic_ Good

@love lemon water is best


@Phoenix ‘CreativeSly’ Sparrow thx anyway , i suggest you can also try some cereal mix milk instead of staple food


@Phoenix ‘CreativeSly’ Sparrow good ideas

Miss abra kadara

Thank you

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Enea BrawlStars

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”


Wow.. Such a nice quote read! Thank you..!


@Justin Dougherty “ so many constantly do what they disagree with all the time “ this is just as true ! 😩

Vibes With Nea

a word whew

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