JME Lyrics

J - M - E!

F***ing ganster,
Yeah you know me and my brother Skepta,
And you know Trigga from Manchester,
Yeah he's the n***er on In A Corner,
Yo Wiley the godfather,
Grime originator,
Big lyrics squeezer,
My bloodline fam,
Big H the soldier,
Danny's big bro Pablo paper,
Then let me bring Frisco fucking darker,
Bus man with a laser on the nova,
Jammer or Shorty f***ing ninja,
Or President T f***ing dencher,
Send me a beat from Thailand sir,
Fling me in a studio vocal trainer,
I creep on the riddim like a night hunter,
Button down the track like a lyrictual top,
Like Kalashnikov you know it's murder,
You know I come with the next raver,
Bars for the radio bars for the raver,
If you ain't got dap don't come round here,

J - M - E

I roll round your ends matte black beamer,
Matte black doors matte black bumper,
Matte black bonnet call me matte black rider,
Don't know im a flexer,
No indirects cos I'm not a bender,
If I Gok Wans dial up your number,
You see my name on the screen of your Mac-ia,

Badman time,
Shadow demon coalition,
Boy Better Know,
Heart stabber,

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Comments from YouTube:

B Muzo

This tune is too underrated IMO, should be at least 200k



Thej Gautham

this needs to go for longer.. hard af

myles oreilly

this tune is hard af


200th like. 1st August 2018.

A Channel Here


Terry Purcell

More Tunes need to b Like dis

ReloadFM Jyzerr

subd ya an this never came up thou. agot a next griminal diss up in hd 4 ya mate jus upd,

Amaan Naveed


Carlos Sueiro

sick as fook

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