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J A Marczak Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Yichen Wang

Really straight foward and easy to understand. Thank you!

Srinivas Reddy D

Awesome content Mitchell, I have one scenario "Your loading data incrementally today()-1 but if i fail to place file last 3 days how would you handle this in ADF"
How can we achieve this can you pls provide solution?


Hey Srinivas, when processing files, I like to manage that through a control table or TaskQueue table which will store all the details about the file that needs to be processed. Can you email me your specific request so I can take a closer look?

Chris Hanley

Awesome content Mitchell, do you have a video using metadata with a for each loop? I am trying to create a listener. Regards, Chris


Hey Chris, sorry for the late reply, I can't seem to figure out how to get notifications of every comment... I should watch some YouTube videos on that. You're looking for this video, enjoy:

Bhavsik Ahir

Thanks for making this video. It's very helpful.


Thank you Bhavsik!

Benyam S

How can we assign the out put of the Store procedure to the next activity

junaid malik

done with part 2 of get metadata and i feel super confident now :) thanks for the amazing video. i am i love with ur channel now hahha.

Milo Reginald

@Bodie Jairo Yea, I've been watching on FlixZone for since april myself :D

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