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Good Isn't Good Enough
J A Marczak Lyrics

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Trung Huynh

Platinum kudo’s (not golden kudo’s) on how you explain such subject in a simple manner. I’d like to elaborate why. And I definitely think others would agree on this.

It’s inspiring how you explain Azure Active Directory with such clarity. This video is really well structured and the story is crystal-clear. And I saw some nifty presentation tricks. 🤺

I admire the way how you explain things, you convey your story in a very attractive, simple and clear cut way. And as a bonus (result) it motivates me to learn even more. Telling stories is one thing. Tapping into someone’s brain is a whole other game.

Also, you sum up the take-aways. I always ask myself. “What did I learn?”. Hence I really like how you wrap up the session.

Thank you again. The day just started and I already learned something new.

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rick segal

After watching a number of your videos, Adam, I've probably saved at least 50 hours of time setting up systems to improve out company. Your work is invaluable. Thank you very much for the enormous effort it takes to make these videos. Outstanding, sir, outstanding! Dziękuję!

Adam Marczak - Azure for Everyone

Fantastic! 😍 thank you Rick!

Daniel Csapo

Today I've searched for some material to understand Azure AD better for my current project and I thought how good it would be if Adam had a video about that service - as the best source of the clearest explanations of Azure services.
And now I've just got a notification about this upload :D
Thanks for these crystal clear explanations and high quality content! Cheers

Adam Marczak - Azure for Everyone

Comments like this always blow my mind. Thanks Daniel! ❤

Abdalrahman Nasser

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the great explanation and presentation. Did you post the detailed explanation and difference between AD-DS, AAD, and Azure AD-DS as you mentioned?

Adam Marczak - Azure for Everyone

Thank you. Unfortunately because I decided to go into courses route I didn't get around to that yet. Hopefully soon :)

Chandra V

First 10 minutes you just swept all the concepts that I learnt in my Masters course. Just brilliant stuff mate 💪

Cloud Stacks

Adam Marczak - Azure for Everyone HelloAdam, is there a session for Azure AD B2C implementation

Adam Marczak - Azure for Everyone

Amazing comment, thank you mate, You surely make my day better, thanks!

Neeraj Tripathi

Hi Adam,

You are awesome and your video are fantastic. The way you explain is expressive. Love to see the series if you start for Az-303 or Az304. Thanks again. Also, it would be great if you share how you create videos or tools you use.

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