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No One Knows
by J Dilla

Let's go! Dave West, Dilla Dawg collabo! Hot sh-, hot sh-, hot sh-
Turn it up. Yup

[Verse 1]
Oh, it's the boy with the heat torching the beat
Of course it is me, but unfortunately
(No one's home)
But you can hit me on the box
I'm busy on the block
Getting fifty on the crop, biatch
(No one's home)
Getting ready to bounce with Nitty on them gold dubs, glow
Right to her house, float her out, cold, buss stones
We gon' have some fun, but no funds yo
I don't save 'em, I'm sorry, I don't love hoes
But I blow big blunt smoke
Keep one close and oh, you don't want those
So catch shit the size of doughnut holes
Don't like surprises, don't run slow
Spit it hot, hit the titty to the topless
Get the party over when the Mo' runs low
Get the party over with Namo runs low This line and explanation needs to be removed
Get the trees out and hit it, cause we's out
And she's 'bout to get it, cause no one's home

Well (What?)
At least that's what she told me, you know
We was 'bout to exit the club, swing to every truck, you know
It's made me sit back and...realize that (What?)
McNas' is the shit
Uh, Oh, Oh!
(Nobody cares)

[Verse 2]
Ain't no stopping us, be a whole bunch of talk
Ain't no popping 'em, cause
(No one's home)
But we out in the streets (What?)
All day and night, all blazin' high, walk straight inside
VIP baby, these days DI
Pre-screens baby, let me see ID
I'm like pass the Mo' case, or no case
Out for cash, so no paper, no J (No way)
Like OJ I'm hitting the gas
With the old J, hid in my stash (Bounce)
Just for the hater
Pissed cause the McNas' clique rolls thick
With a fist full o' paper
Hit a twist up or swisha to blaze up
Get a whiff, get a lift up in J's truck
I said it before, pop up and get it poppin'
Quit the knocking, there's no one home

So far I've come to find there's no one here
No life I fear
I came from nothing
They have done, done, done

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Comments from YouTube:


I've been looking for this for years, only to find it's different title. H E A T 🔥

Keith F

Nassem i feel you, been humming this and trying to track it down for weeks. Finally!

Madi Jett

The correct title is “No one knows” #riplegend

Greg Faith

thank you james, can't find this track anywhere.. one of my all time favorite songs

davor obradovic

RIP J Dilla . Thank you for gifts you left this world .

Chris Madden

ahhhhhhhhh! dilla


I need this beat!

Dato Bachilava

no one knows


Rest in beats....


And I invented the Big Mac.

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