My True Love
Jack Scott Lyrics

I prayed to the Lord to send a love
He sent me an angel from Heaven above
The stars in the skies, He placed in her eyes
She is my true love

The touch of her hand, captured my soul
And the kiss from her lips set my heart aglow
And I know from Heaven, From Heaven above
Came my, my true love
Darling, I love you, I'll always be true, my prayers
They were answered and the Lord sent me you
With love and devotion that I never knew
Until the Lord above sent me you
And I thank the Heaven
The Heaven above
For sending my true love
My true love!

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Written by: JACK SCOTT

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


On this day in 1958 {August 18th} "My True Love" by Jack Scott peaked at #3 {for 1 week} on Billboard's Top 100* chart, the two records that kept it out of the top spot were "Little Star" by The Elegants at position #2, and at #1 was "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) by Domenico Modugno...
At the time "My True Love" was at #6 on Billboard's R&B Best Sellers In Stores charts, the following week it peak at #5...
One month earlier on July 6th, 1958 the record's B-side, "Leroy", peaked at #25 {for 1 week} on the Top 100 chart...
Between 1958 and 1961 the Windsor, Ontario, Canada native had nineteen records on the Top 100 chart, four made the Top 10 with his two biggest hits both peaking at #3, the above "My True Love" and "Burning Bridges" for two weeks in June of 1960...
Besides his two #3 records, his other two Top 10 records were "Goodbye Baby" {#8 in 1958} and "What In The World's Come Over You" {#5 in 1960}...
Jack Scott, born Giovanni Domenico Scafone, Jr., passed away on at the age of 83 on December 12th, 2019...
May he R.I.P.
* And from the 'For What It's Worth' department, the remainder of Billboard's Top 10 on August 18th, 1958:
#4. "Poor Little Fool" by Ricky Nelson
#5. "Patricia" by Perez Prado and His Orchestra
#5. "Just A Dream" by Jimmy Clanton and His Rockets {a tie with "Patricia"}
#7. "When" by The Kalin Twins
#8. "Rebel 'Rouser" by Duane Eddy
#9. "Fever" by Peggy Lee
#10. " Splish Splash" by Bobby Darin

All comments from YouTube:

Richard Severn

I'm nearly 78 now and these old records bring back the warmest memories anyone could ask for. What a time it was to be young.

Zack Fleming

I am also nearly 78 and Jack is another of the original "rockabillies" that crossed over from C & W to early rock and roll. Many good memories from the late 50s and early 60s.

Norberto Fontanez Arroyo

@Marilyn Collins ...YES y'all did, and your name is gorgeous...🤩

Marilyn Collins

We had the best music....and the best cars!

Bill Stotts

One doesn't just listen to his recordings, one feels them as well. Under appreciated.

Norberto Fontanez Arroyo

I was born in '65, and I was introduced to '50s music in the '70' that Happy Days show... I'm more into it now in my 50s

Butch Merryfield

I met my wife in1958 and this is the first song we heard together and we are still listening to it today 57 years later. when my grandson got married last Sept. the DJ played MY TRUE LOVE for us and we had a dance together. what great memories from the good old days.  thank you.


It was 6y ago are you ok??

Rachel Bishop

I will always remember my love. He gave me 2 beautiful boys. One name after Elvis twin brother

Norberto Fontanez Arroyo

You're one blessed fella...I can't even keep a girlfriend on the horn😣... MEOW

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