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New Worlds
Jack Wall Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Jack Wall:

Exile You're in exile from me Because its you that I can't…
Main Theme Narani (D'ni dialect) Chorus Tomahna, Edanna, Amateria, Vol…

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Comments from YouTube:


I used to live in this Universe - part of me always will.

Nicholas Rodriguez

Same. Those were the best days.


@Kito Brown I hear that ME1 is getting most of the rework for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. No ME3 MP (LE) at all, no ME3 ending fixes, just some updated graphics/cover/right hand advantage mechanics in ME1 and 2. No Fixing the Termi-Reaper in ME2. No Harbinger Boss fight in ME3. No fixing the plot hole of Doom that was Vigil can read indoctrination in ME1, as well as give us code that can override the Relays and the Citadel arms to expose Starbrat. No fixing the Starbrat.

Kito Brown

At least we will get to revisit for a brief while with the new visuals but like all good things it will have to end at some point


Playing it the story with friends and having discussion bout the ilu man


Same mate! Those were good times!

Brokn_ _Futr

All I hear is EDI's voice "Launching probe", "Probe Launched"


@Krisshomez "Really? Commander?" "Sigh... Probing Uranus..."

Karine Kersaudy

@shadowhunter99 m,

Lê Hồng

"I have found something"

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