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The Normandy Attacked
Jack Wall Lyrics

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Exile You're in exile from me Because its you that I can't…
Main Theme Narani (D'ni dialect) Chorus Tomahna, Edanna, Amateria, Vol…

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Harbringer: Assuming direct control.
Joker: (Plugs EDI into ship systems)
EDI: Assuming direct control.
Harbringer: 0_0

Joe Machado

I loved this part. I'm watching Shep leave and I'm like, "Wow! A mission with everybody?! Awesome!.... Why am I not with Shep. Why am I still at the Normandy? What's goin on?- oh shit! Oh shit! Wobble Joker! Wobble!"

It's Nietzsche, Bietzsche!

@Power Couch I have to agree with you, it stopped me from doing legion's loyalty mission.

Dark Ambition

^ I think he's pissed that he has to spend all day computing pi because joker plugged in the overlord.

Power Couch

i personaly thought this part felt veery forced. shephard,the players character, just LEAVES the ship with the whole cast without even having selected a destination. we dont know where shephard is going with all of the fighters and suddelny,of course, bugs attack. i like what this scene was trying to to, having the baddies score a point over the goodies, but the way it happened was just lazy dogshit

The Avenger at Ilipa

Imagine leaving Grunt behind and returning to find all of the Collectors lying strewn across the deck with Grunt gasping "Got anything to eat?"

T.M. Samuels

seeing Kelly get dragged by a Scion was scary as hell

Mulle Manden

what the shit?!

Kevin Mann

That scene where you play as Joker has got to be one of the most intense moments I've ever experienced in a video game. The ship is under attack by the collectors and you're an unarmed cripple trying to save your ass.

Korean Bowlcuts

Pretty much the Collectors' theme song.

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