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Comments from YouTube:

Francisco J. B.

This makes me feel alone and... nostalgic

Jessie Rodriguez

every moment fades away

Axios Gameplays

I love Mass Effect ❤

John Akucci

Good times never last.


Here with a lot of regrets:
. That I didn't discover this game when I was younger and had the time and the mindset necessary to experience and enjoy it.
. That I don't have the right atmosphere to truly experience this game right now due to a multitude of reasons.
. That fitful sleep has become normal for me, and this music makes me wish to sleep peacefully again.
But amidst all these regrets, I would like to, from the bottom of my heart, bless the creator of this music and the makers of this incredible game. For those of us too consumed by difficulties and pressure, the few solitary hours of escape and pleasure this game provides, is truly a godsend.

Oh... And bless you too uploader.

Adham Fathi



@Adham Fathi And it's comforting to know that people still listen to this song and take the time to read the comments.

Adham Fathi

Your words realy touched me

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