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Jack Wall Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Jack Wall:

Exile You're in exile from me Because its you that I can't…
Main Theme Narani (D'ni dialect) Chorus Tomahna, Edanna, Amateria, Vol…

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Comments from YouTube:

Molly Fletcher

Thanks for this I love when the Google read says "Godsakes" like "God Sah-Keh"

read it aloud

I know! I've got a long list of mispronounced words that I needed to teach the Google WaveNet server to properly pronounce . There's a lot of room for improvement in so many ways for this Google learning machine.

Nina Paul

Keep in mind that Brits pronounce lots of words differently than we do in the US.

read it aloud

I guess that's the reason why Downton Abbey got cancelled ... sigh

Sunny 2

Whoaaa.. I’ve heard this and this is a sped up recording - I can’t follow it 😕

Sunny 2

@read it aloud That’s a better speed for me..thank you 😊

read it aloud

How about this one?

Killing Floor 10/34 by Lee Child [Jack Reacher #1] - multi-voice audiobook ::

Nina Paul

change the speed. It's better at 80%

Dr. Hannibal Lester

If you are increasing the playback speed on your vids, you are making them unlistenable.

Lucy McDee

Jack Reacher should be voiced ONLY by Jeff Harding.

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