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G.I. Jane
Jackson and his computerband Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Jackson and his computerband:

Billy Oh, where have you been Billy Boy, Billy Boy? Oh, where ha…
Blow I am in the wind In the park where I've been Where…
Dead Living Things I will go where the money can't go Gold is dead And…
G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up) I'm a Man I'm an Alien I can feel you all around You…
memory You're just a memory maker I'm the giver and you're…
Orgysteria Floating down the sea Orgysteria Lost in Gravity Orgysteria …

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Comments from YouTube:

Benjamin Mastripolito

"NSFW? Really? How bad could it be?"

Jeremy Kean

I hope this is one of the rare surviving artifacts from our civilization, and it absolutely blows the minds of archaeologists thousands of years in the future.


My friend sent me the link to this video and just said "Prepare to be amazed." I've seen some crazy shit from him...but this takes the cake.

cesc muñoz

boman279 me too xdddd

Alice Margatroid

So this is on youtube

Alice Margatroid

@Kagerou Imaizumi ~ <3

Alice Margatroid

Oh I enjoy the use of tentacles~

Far Out Brussels Sprout

Powerful imagery and stunning animation.


Same dude, it's so funny to keep getting linked to this shit every few months.

Far Out Brussels Sprout

I really had no idea what i was talking about when i wrote this as a shitty teenager, this video is wack! :T Good song though.

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