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Inside Out
by Jacob Diefenbach

Me in black and you in pink.
"word to the wise, your little stinks," and i'm not mad you didn't think; doubled up and laughing on the inside.
(it's been a long time, let's go.)
Summer rushes through his car, past the stands where dead men are, and everything is tangible and anything seems possible.
It's a strange kind of release, in these burned 80s cds.
Life was like unwinding string.
Didn't want to reel it back in.
In our ghetto super park, fireworks bloom in the dark and i don't know if they are on the outside.
Let it go.
Just let it go.
It seemed so simple, just letting go.
All my string wound up so tight.
Take a tangle and make a kite.
You bring the inside out.

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