The Silence
Jacobs Ladder Lyrics

Visions of the future going through your mind. When your kind lonesome or
Your in a bind. I'm not placing blame. Been there a thousand times. If you
Think it's funny, just rewind. I can't safely make the case. I've never had
A problem with, loneliness. We can't break the bond at stake. Takes, all
Our love to get through this whirlwind. Oh the silence is to violent for
Me. Just say something. Please realize that, I'm smiling, be free. We can
Be happy. Never knew that you were, living in a lie. The truth comes as the
Open sun, staring at the sky. Lets define the future. Baby now is the time.
When you try to love someone, you try a thousand times. Way to take the
Weight of all the world. Lately you're a slave, don't loose yourself.

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