Orpheus In The Underworld
Jacques Offenbach Lyrics

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alfredo gomez

Its nice to see young persons playing this kind of music. There is hope classical music won't die. 


@Decoy Account good^^♥



Elma Graham

Anybody can be a rapper - doesn't take much!

Klaus-Peter Kröhl

rap is music?

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A DeadBeat Named Gambi

That kid at 7:38 is so eager it always makes me smile. Smash those cymbals, young man, you're on top of the world!

Colin Glass

When I was very very young 12years old I always thought these musicians at these concerts were people over the age of 60 old men old women now I see the musicians in this orchestra are very young and beautifull.THIS MUSIC WILL NEVER DIE
🎩 🍾 🥂 🍻 🎼 🍾Never thought classical music could be so exiting Skip the the light fantastic Just one of many greatest classical peices ever composed OFFENBACHS can can just makes me smile every time I hear it .BRing the girls OUT TO THE DO THE CAN CAN .And a glass of champaign🥂🍾 ON ICE on the go .although only a very short peice of music along with the William tell overture rossini


Agree, even tho they paid for the concert ticket, the ticket should've been sold for the cough quota, like 1ticket for 2coughs or something like that

A DeadBeat Named Gambi

@Bee I think you should check the description, it says in multiple languages that this is a youth orchestra. If it’s a question of what you consider kids versus what I do then I guess that’s out of my hands, but I want to make sure you have all the information.


these aren't kids, you know

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