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7teen Thirty Two
James (Bim) Johnston Lyrics

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MM 27


Life is a series of days where over time, time itself appears to accelerate.

Every single day is going to be exactly what you make it.

Be happy in whatever circumstance you live within, and remember that to feel and recognize elation you must have first felt despair.


Scott McMan

Luke died after having a massive stroke. Even so, he still looked great in the coffin! Maybe he'll get a part in that new blockbuster superhero movie playing the part of the heartthrob dead guy.

Agent: Yeah, I'm calling to check and see if Luke got the part.
Assist Director: Uhh, well, to tell you the truth, Luke came up a little short in the dead dept. We had a couple guys who are just as good looking and look a lot more dead and they'll work for scale.
Agent: Well, I don't think Luke will work for scale. After all, he was in the iconic series Beverly Hills 90210, 30 years ago. How about this. We'll come back in and Luke will do a more action like pose. You know, throw a little charisma into the scene.
AD: 902..what? Sorry, must have been before my time....Hmm, you know, we did really want Luke for this part after....Um, I tell you what, you and Luke head on in around 4 and we'll try the scene again. Maybe we can do some business!
Agent: OK, that gives me enough time to get a van. We'll even supply our own body bag for free! By the way, was Luke your first choice for this part? Sounded like you had someone else in mind.
AD: Actually, we'd heard that Brad Pitt had stage 4 cancer and could die any day. We held out hope for a month, but then we had to move on. Come to find out, he didn't even have cancer. I have to stop listening to those guys at the Weekly World News. They gave me one good lead 10 years ago, since then, it's as if they turned into a tabloid or something.
Agent: I thought they've always been a ta....
AD: What?
Agent: Nothing my friend. I know how a trusted and reputable source in the press can sometimes be mistaken...^cough^....

Isn't that pretty much what they are saying?

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Anon Ymous

Jane Krakowski has kept her looks through the decades; I thought she was gorgeous in the 90s, and when I saw her about 10 years ago on TV she seemed not to have changed at all, or barely; I think I saw a more recent image of her, with some mild signs of aging, maybe a few minor wrinkles, but still gorgeous. Definitely a “fountain of youth” case. Harry Connick, Jr. also pretty much looks the same any decade you see him. We can all agree Oprah Winfrey also never seems to age. Reasonably attractive but nit exactly movie star looks doesn’t have movie star looks (but as beautiful human being as any I can think of), like HCjr looks pretty much the same 1985, 1995, 2005, 2015…. seems like I see those on my list maybe once a decade, amazing how they don’t age.

norma desmond

and what if she changed? Looked in the mirror lateley? People get older. Or just old. Even guys do.

George Aguda

Stay soft "mitski "

wannabe to wasabe

Angie Dickinson was famous for aging very well and was an actress in the 1970's. Dick Clark was the master of not aging and his name became synonymous with people who don't age. He also managed to stay relevant to within a few years of his passing. He was a star of the 1950's, so maybe he doesn't fit here.

Paul Anthony

And most of these on here look like they have had plastic surgery so it doesn't really count

Paul Anthony

Sean Connery is a man who remained a very young looking man well into his 60s I even remember a woman around early 20s saying "I don't care how old he is he's gorgeous"


You should proof read this paragraph: Elizabeth Perkins has been one of the most familiar faces in Hollywood for decades. He starred in plenty of movies and TV shows. One of her best-known films was opposite Tom Hanks in Big. In 2005, he was diagnosed with diabetes, and he has become it her job to spread awareness about her condition. She is 57-years-old and sure doesn't look it.

Skullface Studios

Probably should've just went with zim or zer...

Daniel Fronc

You're entirely too kind. What everyone should know is that plenty of makeup can make you appear decades younger. Point in case, my former mother-in-law, whose face always looked absolutely beautiful for a woman in her early 40's. One time she was running late whan we arrived and she hadn't yet put on her makeup. I've never seen any woman with such a pale white complexion, at least outside of a funeral wake. She got her money's worth, and more, out of her makeup.

Mercurial Shift

@Ry Hol How old who was? This guy’s ex mother in law? How would you know?! 😂

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