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Emergency On Planet Earth
by Jamiroquai

The kids need education,
And the streets are never clean,
I've seen, a certain disposition, prevailing in the wind,
Sweet change, if anybody's listening?
Emergency on planet earth.
Is that life that I am witnessing,
Or just another wasted birth.

Now, we got emergency
Oh, we got emergency on planet Earth
Now, we got emergency
Oh, we got emergency on planet Earth

Think we're standing for injustice,
White gets two and black gets five years,
Took me quite a while to suss this,
But now I know my head is cleared
And a little boy in hungry land, is just a picture in the news,
Won't see him in that tv advertising, 'cause it might put you off your food

Now, we got emergency
Oh, we got emergency on planet Earth
Now, we got emergency
Oh, we got emergency on planet Earth

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Comments from YouTube:

the sodium lights

funkier than a mosquito's tweeter, baby! Back then i`d be on buckets and dancing out to jk. Now i`ll have one blast of grass and the world is at my a room now the new outside like black is the new black? Nothing has changed since this song, not really. mini plastic one-gulp containers, nappies that contain so many materials they can`t be destroyed ecologically (something that never gets talked about!), too much sadness. This song still feels propulsive, a call to arms-without-arms. C`mon Jay, ditch the flash `copter vids and doing the Elvis-in-Addias thing and remember just how good you can do this state-of-the-nation stuff.

the sodium lights

he steals from the best ;)

the sodium lights

the sodium lights

(ps; the lyrics on Auto were pop-perfect-dead. In the notes you thank people for getting you to make music again. For me, Getaway was the best song in terms of lyrics/melody/playing/production/everything. What`s left to write about? Those lyrics on Auto weren`t about you, nor views. They seem cynical, 3rd person perspective laughing at yourself but when you earn under £10 hr it`s hard to laugh along. My suggestion is this; go live away from the comforts, soak up the natural grooves you`ve not experienced, book in with Spacebomb, and record an album with those guys, inhouse. Matthew e.White may resurrect ya cool natural groove. besos x


and we have a emergency right now, a pandemic in the beginning of 2020.

Chelsy Cueto

muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack :** the kids have education muaack

Dino Leeroy Victory

Get Down Jamiroquai

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